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Last Person That

Slept in your bed besides you? Whoever shared the bed with me at my last con. Might’ve been Eski???
Saw you cry? A co-worker, on accident. Stress can make me tear up sometimes.
You went to the movies with? Eski
You went out to dinner with? Grandparents
You talked on the phone to? Mom
Made you laugh? The group chat

Would You Rather

Pierce your nose or your tongue? Neither
Be serious or be funny? Funny
Drink whole or skimmed milk? Whole
Die in a fire or drowning? Neither
Spend time with your parents or enemies? Parents

Are You?

Simple or complicated? No idea, simple I’m assuming.
Straight, gay or bisexual? None of the above, asexual.
Tall or short? Average, bordering short maybe.
Right handed or left handed? Right
A lover of music or a lover of books? Both

Do You Prefer

Flowers or sweets? Sweets
Grey or black? Black
Colour photos or black-and-white photos? Color
Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
M&Ms or Skittles? Skittles
Staying up late or waking up early? Late
Sun or moon? Moon 
Winter or Autumn? Autumn
10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? Two best friends
Rainy or sunny? Sunny
Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Chocolate
Vodka or Jack? Neither

About You

What time is it? 5:48 PM
Name? Victoria
Nicknames? Sats, Fluff
When is your birthday? June 7th
What do you want? More consistent days off
How many kids do you want? Zero
What would you name your kids dogs? Do not let me name anything, they’d probably get named ‘moose’ and ‘barkster’.
You want to get married? Don’t know, depends on how much I trust my SO, and I don’t like stepping ahead of myself or acting on impulses or dreams.


Nervous habits? Twitching, nail-biting, stress will initiate a crying response even if I’m not actually sad or upset
Are you double-jointed? Elbows
Can you roll your tongue?  No
Can you raise one eyebrow? Yes
Can you cross your eyes? Yes


Which shoe goes on first? Whichever one I pick up first
Ever thrown something at someone? Yep
On average, how much money do you carry with you? Depends if I forget to cash it in or not, currently under 10.
What jewelry do you wear? None
Do you twirl or cut spaghetti? Twirl
Have you ever eaten Spam? Nope
Favourite ice cream? Mint chocolate Chip
How many kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? I have no idea, I don’t eat cereal. We have to hide my sibling’s cereals elsewhere around the house, which is about half our cereal. ‘cause otherwise the stepdad eats it all on them.


Alcoholic beverage? Still haven’t had my first drink.
Car ride? Drove home from work back on Monday.
Song played? The Gensokyo That Floats in Outer Space
Person you saw? Little sis

Time you cried? Got stressed out at work, teared up on reflex. Actual crying, when I got home from my last con due to stepdad’s jerkish nature

Fight? Does slamming the door in the stepdad’s face a few nights ago count?




There are about a billion arrangements of “Bad Apple!!” but this one, performed with traditional Japanese instruments, is one of the best and most unique that I’ve seen. 

It’s the complete opposite of the bouncy techno remixes (which, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy) that make up a lot of Touhou Project fan music, and actually feels a lot truer to the nature of Gensokyo.

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By やすも on pixiv 



It was nice knowing you, Bonnie.




     “I got both of them from local shelters. When I got her in 2006, the staff told me she was a shepherd husky. I go to the dog park, I’m meeting people with shepherd husky mixes, and they look nothing like her. I get in my car, I’m driving, I look in the rearview mirror, I see these eyes and I’m like, I’ve got a wolf in my car. Then, when she was 10-months old, there was a shepherd breeder and trainer in the dog park, and at the end of the lesson, the trainer came up to me and asked, ‘What kind of dog is that?’ And I’m thinking, Shepherd husky. You should know, you are a breeder. She said, ‘That’s a wolf.’” 

Bethlehem, PA


Thats mildly hilarious